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Did you know:

  • 47% Fraud for auto body (BAR Report)
  • Only 1 in 100 accidents repaired according to OEM standards (independent inspectors)
  • Car Fax Does NOT provide information regarding fraud, safety, or quality of repairs!
  • If your insurance company knows best: Why do 99 in 100 repairs FAIL to meet
    OEM guidelines

What can the consumer do?

Be smart:

  • 1) Before your vehicle is repaired download a copy of our Pre-Repair checklist.
  • 2) After repairs have the experts at SafeCar Certified inspect your vehicle.

SafeCar Certified Program

Your vehicle was damaged in an accident. You have the vehicle repaired by an auto body shop.

  • How do you know if your vehicle was restored to its pre-accident condition?
  • How do you know if the repairs were done properly?
  • How do you know if the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations were followed?

Find out by choosing to have your local SafeCar Certified experts perform a careful, comprehensive, detailed inspection.

Why do you need an inspection?

Auto body repairs are a complex process. The majority of auto body repair deficiencies are not noticed by the consumer. They can affect the safety of your vehicle in a subsequent accident. Without in-depth knowledge of auto body repair procedures along with proper measuring and inspection equipment, the consumer is unable to determine the safety and quality of auto body repairs performed. If repair procedures or parts are substandard, or damage is not properly repaired, the safety of yourself and your family can be at risk. Deficiencies are often unnoticed when only looking at the outside of the car. When these deficiencies remain undetected, therefore unrepaired, they can reduce the structural integrity of your vehicle and potentially put you and your family at risk during a future accident.

How does the SafeCar Certified program work?

The experts at SafeCar Certified will inspect your vehicle.

Major aspects of the repair will be examined such as:
  • Safety Restraint Systems
  • Structural repairs performed
  • Part replacement usage and type
  • Repaired panel methods and quality
  • Paint film build (thickness) and quality

After a complete inspection, your vehicle will be issued a certificate by SafeCar Certified. It is your record of the detailed examination and rating of each inspection point. If a certificate is not issued, then SafeCar Certified will provide a report explaining the deficiencies.

How do I obtain a SafeCar Certified inspection?

Before your vehicle is repaired by an Auto Body Shop:

After your vehicle is repaired by an Auto Body Shop:

  • Before you Drive it SafeCar Certify it!
  • Schedule an appointment with your local SafeCar Certified location.
  • Bring a Final Copy of Repairs from the Auto Body Shop.
  • Allow 1-2 hours for normal inspection time.

When you are purchasing a vehicle:

  • Before you Buy it SafeCar Certify it!
  • Schedule an appointment with your local SafeCar Certified location.
  • Bring a Vehicle History Report--Car Fax, Auto Check, or similar source.
  • Bring, if possible, a Final Copy of Repairs corresponding to each accident. At times this may not be available when purchasing a used vehicle.
  • Normal Inspection time Varies according to degree and number of previous accidents.
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